Q: What is CSA?

A: A CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) is one specific farm offering a share of the best of what they grow each week in exchange for a payment directly to the farm.


Q: How is a CSA any better than a grocery store?

A: At Robertson Family Farm, we are all about eating healthy and local. We never use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All of the produce in the weekly box is grown on our farm in Marysville.


Q: How fresh is fresh?

A: 95% of all produce in the weekly CSA box is picked the same day that you receive your box. We do not have any cold storage facility and because of that, we do not store any produce. The RARE exception is onions an garlic that have been picked a few days early. Most store bought onions and garlic can be months old.


Q: What does a commitment to our farm mean?

A: It means that you are supporting your local farm. CSA sign-ups start at a simple 5 week commitment and can extend up to a full season commitment up to 31 weeks). At only $22 a week, our boxes are very affordable. We accept cash, credit cards, local checks and now offer Online checkout via Paypal.


Q: Do I have the ability to tour the farm and see where my produce is grown?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We LOVE visitors and would love to give you a tour. If you stay long enough, we might ask you to weed or harvest some snap peas!


Q: How big is the farm?

A: The farm is approximately 70 acres! Half is devoted to our pasture raised animals. The other half is split up between vegetables and fruit. However, we limit our CSA to 100 customers. One of the many benefits of being one of our first 100 customers , is a personal relationship with your local farmer. If however, we have already have 100 participants, you can be placed on our waiting list and may still purchase items from us at any of the farmers markets we attend regularly. Our CSA customers ALWAYS have first priority and will receive all limited items first.


Are you ready to sign up? Click here to fill out our online CSA box order form.


Q: How much do the baskets cost?

A: The cost is $30.00 per week with a one time, non-refundable box fee of $10 for the heavy duty plastic box. Home Delivery is included. We deliver in Yuba City on Friday evenings and to Marysville, Olivehurst, and Plumas Lake on Mondays.


Are you ready to sign up? Click here to fill out our online CSA box order form.

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